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Easily Customizable

We understand, that you definitely would love to customize your theme as per your likings. Don't worry, you can personalize your own logo, banners, text and template of your website. We're going to introduce more attractive website themes soon.

Unique Features

We've introcuded a set of very unique and user friendly and exclusive features for Genius Fusion. More features will be released soon

User Friendly

Genius Fusion is very user friendly, the system explains everything itself. The menus, links everything explain the functionality themsevles, so you do not need to worry about how to use it. It's just as simple as it could be.

APIs Connection

We support every API that is on the web and offered by the websites. If you find out that the API you want to connect your website has not been listed there in your copy, then nothing to worry about, just let us know about that API and we'll add that in Genius Fusion in max 72 hours and without any charges. So it will be totally free.

E-mail Templates

You can now manage all the system emails yourself. Orders email, Registration and all other emails can be managed from the admin panel. There is another bright thing about this feature is that you can also set E-mails against IMEI, File and Server Services.


Genius Fusion offers Content Management System also known as CMS, which gives you the option to manage the contents of your website where you can also create pages, insert images and many more.

Our Features

Content Management System


E-mail Templates Management


Receiving Payments Directly


IMEI Services Management


File Services Management


Server Services Management


Secure Client Management


Invoice System


SEO management


Genius Fusion

Genius Fusion is a powerful tool using which you can give your unlocking business a real boom. You'll find everything at one platform, where you can do anything you can ask for to better manage your unlocking business and your clients as well. In it you can manage all three kind of orders, including IMEI, File and Server logs orders. You can use as many APIs in it as you'd like to. Above all, the support system, an automated support system will take care of your inquiries and will make sure that your issues will be addressed in max 12 hours. Few of the features of Genius Fusion have been listed below in details.

Powerfull and Easy To Use

A very easy platform to use CMS (Content Management System) for you to manage your website. Many advanced options on the Store control panel. Store overview to take a quick look at your sales, users registration, and services. Activate/Inactive services as you need for your store and set price as you wish. Manage your orders and customers easily. Offer special prices for each customers following the services they need. Enjoy advanced affiliate program for your customers and much more.

Exclusive Solutions, Tools and Services

Enable/Disable the services you want to sale on your store. You can setup different prices for retail cart or for whole sell customers. Whenever a service is updated on our side you will get notified instantly on your store control panel. It is very easy to activate or disable any services on your store. Some solutions offer monthly plans, this means your customer can subscribe to this monthly plan and use that solution as much as he need. also can setup custom prices for each customers by each services as you need.

Customize As You Love To See Your Store

We have unique live template editor, It is very easy to customize with your own design the look of your website. Adding your own logo, description about your company, Facebook and Twitter links. You can also add your own Google analysts code to keep records of your site stats. Add your own banners for the home page. Customize the SEO of every single page on your site to increase the search engine power. Change the background, the main color of your website or the menu by adding some patterns. You can also customize any single email sent from your store to your customers. There is unlimited possibility to customize your unlocking store.Can also create custom pages via built in CMS . Be creative!

Manage Your Customers

Manage your customers easily. Get a complete details of their account. We also have added amazing features. Enable transfers, Block a customer or Erase the credits. We also included special features as CUSTOM PRICES for EACH customers. This means you can setup a UNIQUE custom price for every single customers of your store. You can apply a general discount for all solutions as well.

Price Management

Genius Fusion gives all the rights in the world to set prices against users, services. You can also set price plans where you can put your clients in. So changing any price in that group will reflect the prices of all the clients in that particular plan.

Client Management

You can manage your clients in a better way in Genius Fusion, you can view their summaries, their financials, APIs, packs and prices. Everything you can ask for to manaage your clients, you'll get it in Genius Fusion.

SEO Management

Our Content Management System (CMS) which provides website authoring and administration tools designed to allow users to create and manage the site's content with relative ease.

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