Dear Cheaters and Scammers,

Please don't try to cheat or scam us with your false PayPal disputes, becuase you will be listed here PUBLIC as Cheaters and Scammers with your full personal infomation.

If you wish to me removed from this page as Cheater and Scammer, please contact our Fraud Department @ "" and remit your false disputed payment immediately in order to be removed from our Cheaters & Scammers list.

1. (USA)
Name: Gabriel Zargari
Phone Number: 1 (818) 856-2126
Amount: $1000 owes us $1000 as unpaid invoice.
2. Aleksey Gevorgyan (USA)
Phone Number: (732) 900-2222
Amount: $64.89
Aleksey Gevorgyan got his IMEI 355838084597651 MDM lock removed successfully then disputed the tnansactoin against us
3. Pete Hines (USA)
Phone Number:
Amount: $110.21
Pete Hines got his T-Mobile iPhone IMEI unlocked successfully then disputed trtansaction against us
4. Ken Steward (USA)
Phone Number: (352) 606-0070
Amount: $105
Ken Steward got his Sprint iPhone IMEI 355372089235000 unlocked successfully then disputed transaction against us
5. Dirk Hohaus (Germany)
Phone Number: 04 (215) 956-4663
Amount: $267.75
Dirk Hohaus got his iCloud removed successfully then disputed transaction against us after two months
6. Ulrich kretzschmar (Germany)
Phone Number: 03 (518) 507-4490
Amount: $54
Ulrich kretzschmar got his Telus Canada iPhone IMEI 354447065583036 unlocked successfully then disputed transaction against us
7. Usman & Luis Plaza - (California, USA)
Phone Number: (805) 225-6813 / (619) 370-8946
Amount: $12810.00
Usman and Luis Plaza with the Bank of America account number 325092595240 asked me to deposit cash to their account to process our IMEIS and after depositing funds to their accounts, they completely stopped replying and keep ignoring us.