Delivery Time: 10-30 Minutes

Price: $ 20

Service is Live: Monday - Friday (9AM - 5PM PST)

This service is done remotely via our USB Software & a technician. After placing your order, please visit our Live Chat to speak with one of our technicians to guide you through the process. The service is 1-72 Hours. The typical timeframe for this service is 60 Minutes once a technician is online.

Carriers Supported:

  • All unless otherwise specified


Unsupported Carriers:

  • Tracphone
  • Straight Talk


Models Supported:

  • N9131
  • N9132
  • N9136
  • Z815
  • Z828
  • Z828TL
  • Z831
  • Z832
  • Z835
  • Z959
  • N9518
  • N9519
  • Z812
  • Z813
  • Z850
  • Z955A
  • Z955L
  • Z958
  • N9517
  • N9560
  • Z833
  • Z836F
  • Z956
  • Z957
  • Z965
  • Z971
  • Z982
  • Z983
  • B2017G
  • K88
  • Z963U
  • Z981
  • Z988
  • Z978
  • A1
  • A1R
  • A2017G
  • Z2017U
  • Z999
  • Many others contact live support for additional.


  • Download our Remote Support Tool (Click Here) and execute it with Administrator rights. This will give you your Remote Support ID.
  • Please include your Remote Support ID with your request


  • Our USB Software
  • Operating System: Windows (XP SP3, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) | Mac (Not Supported)
  • Hard Drive: 30GB Free storage or more
  • Memory: 4GB or more
  • Network: Broadband or faster (1.5Mbps Download/Upload) can test at
  • USB Cable: OEM recommend or Equivalent cable. (eBay or other low grade cables may cause issues)

What this service is:

  • This service will remove the FRP (Factory Reset Protection | Google Account Lock | Reactivation Lock) permanently. 
  • This service is performed by a technician remotely using a USB cable.
  • This service supported Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
  • This service is used when you can not get past the Google Account or Samsung Account screen during setup.
  • This service IS NOT a cleaning service. (It will not clean or change the status of the IMEI for service providers).
  • This service DOES NOT remove the lease lock from Sprint/T-Mobile/ATT or any other carrier or provider.
  • This service DOES NOT rebrand/change branding/startup logos/shutdown logos or remove carrier bloat ware. This service is for SIM unlocking device only. 
  • This service IS NOT a SIM unlock service. (Meaning this will not SIM Unlock the device for other service providers).

Some things to know:

  • This service may FDR (Factory Data Reset) the device, please know the technician will not ask to do this.
  •  Check and validate device IMEI for blacklisting/lost stolen. Refunds will not be given.

After Submitting Order:

  • Please copy/paste your Order # and Remote Support ID in our live chat.