Delivery Time: Instant-10 Minutes

Price: $ 6

Supported IMEI:

  • Lost
  • Stolen

Not Supported:

  • Fraud
  • Block - Undelivered
  • Stolen - Insurance 
  • EIP - Jump14
  • Unrecoverable

This service is to clean IMEI and supports all T-Mobile phones including all iPhones.

  • Devices will be removed from Lost & Stolen status and listed as Clean and will work on T-Mobile
  • If a blocked IMEI has a financed status before it is cleaned, status will still show financed / outstanding balance after cleaned and will work on T-Mobile

Note: Once your device is cleaned, it can be used on T-Mobile. However, it is recommended to unlock your device and use it on another network because T-Mobile can block it again at anytime. Using on their network raises the chance of them noticing that it was blacklisted before and we are not responsible if T-Mobile blacklists your IMEI again. If it happens, then resubmit it to clean IMEI.