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How to Back up Your iPhone Using iTunes​


Because of all the information that is stored on your iPhone, it is necessary to create a backup. This can be done automatically every time you connect your device to iTunes on your computer. However, there is another way to perform a backup of your iPhone.

After your iPhone is connected to your computer and iTunes is open, select your phone in the “Devices” list. Next, right click on the name of your iPhone and choose “Back up.” This may take a few minutes, so be patient and wait for the backup to be complete. Generally, you should always create a backup of your iPhone any time there is a new version of iOS available for download. The backup should be done prior to installing an update.

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How to Save a Drowned Smart Phone


One of the worst possible things that can happen to your smartphone is that you drop it in water. This is something that happens far more often than you might think. If you suffer water damage to your phone, it can render it completely useless. The screen can go off and the device might never turn back on. However, there are some steps you can take toward saving a drowned smartphone.

First of all, if you drop your phone in water or it gets wet as a result of an accidental drink spill, you should immediately ensure that it is not plugged into a charger. If it is, unplug it immediately. If your device is still on, turn it off as well. Dry it off as best as you can with a towel and then retrieve a large bowl and fill it with dried, uncooked rice. Place your smartphone inside and make sure to submerge it until you can no longer see it at all. Leave the phone in there overnight. Dry rice can easily suck out all of the moisture so that your phone will be restored. After 24 hours, check the smartphone and turn it on. It should work fine.

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Unlock your Cell Phone and its true value with Genius Unlock


If you can follow these simple step by step instructions, you can unlock your cell phone. ​

  1. Find your cell phone brand and model
  2. Find your cell phone's IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your cell phone dialpad
  3. Order your cell phone's unlock code (100% money back guarantee if unlock code is not found)
  4. Enter the unlcok code and your cell phone is SIM FREE!

Now your phone is just waiting for you to insert the value for money sim card of your choice. There’s no going back to the restrictive requirements of your current service provider. 

There are cases where customers believe they are happy with their contract and see no reason to unlock their cellphone. That’s fine until the day they decide to take their phone on an overseas trip. Set the phone to roam, and you are not only paying for calls, texts and data you send, but what others send to you.

Some of these fundamental misunderstandings about service provider charges while overseas have resulted in mobile phone bills of thousands of dollars, and there is no choice but to pay. So no matter how good you feel your current contract may be, there’s a better one out there, and a SIM free phone enables you to slip in a local SIM card for every destination you visit. That’s the way to beat the system. Just let a few close friends know your temporary number and sit back and relax as you save heaps of cash.

Here at Genius Unlock, you can unlock your cell phone today and increase its true value and take advantage of of a whole world of great rates where your current servce provider doesn't offer.

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The Best Ways to Protect Your iPhone

Image result for iphone repair

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. The latest version, the iPhone 5, the first to include 4G LTE connectivity and a full four inch screen, is one of the most durable thanks to its virtually shatter proof glass display and aluminum back. However, the device can still take a bit of damage if dropped or in other situations. With that being said, as with many other smartphones, it is wise to protect your iPhone.

The most basic way to protect your Apple iPhone is to invest in a good case in which to house it. There are many different types of cases on the market, some of which are exceptionally slim and others that offer a bit more bulk. If you are concerned with having too much bulkiness on your iPhone but still want good protection for its screen, the best thing to do is purchase a case that is somewhere in the middle. There are some great ones that are thin but that offer a bit of a buffer from the front and sides, which will more than suffice. You can also get a screen protector, which will protect your iPhone from scratches and even dust.

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Uni Android Tool - Multi Platform Android Tool + 1 Year Activation with Stunning GUIPicture

  1. Just Download the Software
  2. Register
  3. Buy Activation
  4. Start Taking Customers
  5. Basic Introduction About Uni-Android Tool:
  • No Box / No Dongle / No Tension of any Harware Damages or any Driver Installations
  • Mulit Android Tool - IMEI Repair, Read CERT, Write CERT, Repair Network, Flashing, Direct Unlock and FRP Reset
  • All Brands Supported - Asus, Huawei, HTC, LG, Microsfot, Motorola, Nokia X, Samsung and Sony
  • Supported Brands in Edl Mode - Acer, Alcatel, Asus, Blu, Cherry Mobile, Coolpad, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Lyf, Micromax, OnePlus, Oppo, Swipe, Vivo, Xiami, YU and ZTE
  • Unlimited Use - Unlimited Phones
  • Language Changer - Supports all Android devices to change lanuague to 58 languages
  • ADB TAB - ADB has a lot of advanced functions
  • ADB Flasher - ADB Sideload Flasher with Unique Working Style
  • Anti-Malware - Can list Infected Apps for Removal
  • NO Remote Access - It does NOT support USB Redirector Client / FlexiHub at the moment


  • ODIN FIRMWARE GENERATOR [.tar.md5] Format
  • FRP RESET [ ADB MODE for Android Versions 4.x.x, 5.x.x, 6.x.x , 7.x.x ]
  • CUSTOM FLASHER [ Can Flash even Single File from Whole Firmware]
  • BIN/IMG Flasher [ Can Flash *.bin or *.img Format ]

Instructions: After you place your order, you will receive the Download Link. Install the Uni Android Tool (UAT) and click on register to register your account. Once registered, please send us your "Uni Android Tool User Name" and "Registered Email address" to (1-716-986-3232) to activate your account for one year and after one year, you can renew it at discounted price.

For More Advanced Information and Models Supported: Please Click Here

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What Does it Mean to Unlock a Cell Phone

If you have ever searched for a used phone, you have inevitably come across a cell phone that claims to be unlocked. Since many cell phones are designed for specific cell phone providers, they can not be used with other cell phone providers in the event that you change services. However, individuals who are experienced in working on cell phones have discovered ways to unlock cell phones. 

Once a cell phone has been unlocked, it can be used with any cell phone provider, and it can often be used in different countries as well. Unlocking a cell phone is useful if you would like to sell your used cell phone 
online or at a pawn shop. It is also useful to unlock a cell phone if you would like to switch cell phone providers while keeping the same cell phone. 

If you would like to unlock a cell phone, you can take it to the Genius Unlock cell phone repair company. An experienced technician at the Revere cell phone repair company can typically unlock a cell phone easily so that you will be able to use it for any cell phone provider. Once a cell phone has been unlocked, it typically has a higher resale value as well.

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Benefits of Unlocking Your Phone - Unlock Your Phone With Genius Unlock!

Picture Picture Picture



  • No more roaming charges. Switch freely between service providers.
  • Increase resale value of your phone by up to $300.
  • 100% safe unlocking that does not interfere with the operation of your phone.
  • Absolutely no technical knowledge is required.

Have you noticed the way mobile phone service providers love to lock you into contracts, the longer the better? Yes, they give you the phone for free, but with it comes that contract you have to pay for month after month. This is often a license for service providers to start taking liberties with all sorts of extra charges and fees they quietly slip into your package each month, hoping you won’t notice. And even if you do notice and you do complain, they point to the fact that you signed up for the contract. We have all of us felt ripped off by a phone contract at one point or another

But now there is a safe, quick, and clever way to dig yourself out of the contract you are currently stuck with. In fact you can be home free in just a few minutes with Genius Unlock

Why unlock cell phone? Because you deserve the freedom of the best tariffs out there.
There are loads of service providers in the market, and loads of competitive packages for you to choose from. Why get handcuffed to just one? 

Unlocking your phone puts you back in control of your call charges and costs, at home and abroad. 
Despite what your service provider may threaten you with, it is completely legal to unlock your phone.
​It’s so easy to unlock your phone with Genius Unlock you will wonder why you spent months locked into an unattractive contract. Make extortionate roaming rates a thing of the past, or escape from the fees and charges that you have to pay each month.

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How to Use an Unlocked iPhone


If you have recently bought an unlocked iPhone, you are free to use it on the GSM carrier of your choice. If you decide you do not want to use it on AT&T’s network, you can simply pop in a microSIM card from T-Mobile or a standard sized one that is cut down to size. You can also use an unlocked iPhone when you travel internationally by using a microSIM that is available on a pre-paid network in the country of your choice. For individuals who are localized to the United States, using your unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile is a good idea. 

If you do not purchase a microSIM from the company, you may want to consider cutting your SIM card with a SIM cutter. These are generally cheap in price and cut accurately. You can insert the card into the SIM slot afterward and then connect your iPhone to iTunes, where it will sync. iTunes will pick up your information by way of the microSIM, although it should be noted that if you are using your iPhone on T-Mobile in the United States, you will not get 3G/4G speeds unless you are in certain areas of the Northwest. You will receive slower EDGE speeds, and FaceTime and MMS also will not work. However, regular calls will be perfectly fine, and you can download apps via the App Store to your heart’s desire.